Last week, the entire Soze Agency traveled to Lake Harmony, PA for our annual retreat, with the intention of reflecting on our past work and setting our course for the months and years to come. Held in a beautiful home in the middle of what was once indigenous Lenape land, we spent three days defining, refining and exploring the company’s mission, vision and direction going forward. 

We dug deep into our culture and the unrivaled care and consideration that goes into each and every decision made at Soze, internally and externally. We discussed how our values — authenticity, equity and compassion — show up in every facet of the work we do, how those values translate as we work more consistently in the corporate space and how to strengthen those values as our team grows.

It’s one thing to talk about authenticity, compassion and equity, but to ensure that they remain foundational requires our utmost attention and dedication — and we won’t waver. We are humbled by the work we have the opportunity to do at Soze; the incredible, diverse group of people in the company and the caring, equitable culture guiding our every decision. Thus far, we have had the chance to work with amazing clients and powerful projects, but we can’t wait to show you what more we have coming!