Getting Rid of Job Titles

At The Soze Agency we honor the authenticity of the individuals who work with us. We acknowledge and celebrate all of the skills, abilities, experiences and identities Soze employees hold and the remarkable impact they have on our work. We also understand that our skills and abilities shine best when placed in a structure that cultivates personal development, communication and overall transparency within our company. In an effort to create a more equitable structure, we have decided to replace our boring job titles with descriptions that truly define what we do at The Soze Agency.  

At Soze, we aim to create a management system in which authority and decision-making are equally distributed to teams and roles rather than through some old school corporate hierarchy. We aim to build a company grounded in collective accountability and radical transparency, with the intention of delivering high-quality, impactful work. We believe that this new structure will cultivate an equitable experience for Soze employees, partners and clients alike.

So, what does this look like at Soze? Moving forward, every full-time employee at The Soze Agency will enter our company as an Associate Partner and transition to Partner after one-year. We intentionally use "partner" because we come with many skills, experiences, and expertise that don't necessarily fit under a traditional job title.

Okay, here’s an example of how one employee can have multiple roles within our company:

Nahid Ebrahimi is a partner at The Soze Agency with a speciality in digital media strategy. While most of her work is spent as the social media manager for one of our clients, Nahid also has a skill set in civic engagement. Occasionally, she leads on strategic planning for our artist/activist retreats. Nahid is multi-dimensional with many skills that lend itself to the entire mission of our company.

As a worker-owned cooperative, our focus is on the health, well-being and dignity of the worker. As we make this shift, we are excited to invite our clients and partners into our culture as we continue to strive towards a more equitable society.